About Victory Bell

Hi, I’m Satya Khan. Victory Bell is a project of my generalized website development and marketing company, Loyal Hound Studio. Fitness people are my favorite people to work with – you know how to work hard today for a payoff that may or may not come tomorrow. You know what a Smolov cycle is (or most of you do). And chances are that we share an appreciation for the deeper role that fitness has in peoples’ lives, beyond the superficial (though you are all very attractive).


If you want to make a sweet, sweaty impact, you have found a marketing nerd to obsess over your analytics¬†so you can get back to your diabolical programming. You’ve found a copy writer who knows the dark art of market research and speaks the language of your ideal¬†clients. And you’ve found a person who loves the fitness world and can translate your particular genius into fat deposits in your bank account, and the freedom to train, travel, compete, or relax while knowing your business is growing.



Your Turn

Now I’d love to hear about you and your business. What would you like to P.R. in your marketing and business growth benchmarks?